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Life Insurance Lenders


Life insurance lenders typically offer the lowest interest rates. They also have the ability to lock rates at application. These two characteristics are a huge selling point to borrowers. As such, life company lending is solid opportunity for many borrowers. This large deal volume allows life companies the ability to be very selective with their lending. Life companies generally only lend on properties that are new, well-occupied and located in desirable markets. Their maximum LTV is usually 65%-70%.


  • ✓ Best Interest Rates
  • ✓ Lock Rate at Application
  • ✓ Only Reserve for RE Taxes
  • ✗ Low Loan-to-Value
  • ✗ Selective on Properties


Because life insurers are able to predict mortality rates, they invest in liquid and illiquid assets. Life insurers have a variety of reasons for investing in commercial mortgage loans. Three primary for investing in mortgages are: (1) increasing asset type diversification, (2) matching long-term assets & liabilities and (3) minimizing credit losses.