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Multifamily Housing

City Capital Realty

City Capital Realty is committed to not only providing sound advice to our multifamily housing financing clients, but also to leveraging our many capital resources to enhance every level of their balance sheets. Building upon our decades of multifamily housing industry experience, the knowledgeable team at City Capital Realty brings accuracy and efficiency to solve your multifamily housing property’s financing challenges.
When it comes to financing options, City Capital Realty leverages our experience and multifamily housing industry knowledge to develop the best solution for your multifamily financing needs. We have been innovators within the multifamily housing industry for more than twenty years. A few of our successes include:

  • City Capital Realty has originated multifamily loans guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) since 1991.
  • City Capital Realty has supplied nearly $3.1 billion through our financing pipeline since MAP was created in 2001.
  • Provided financing for Section 221(d)(4) new construction and sub-rehab on more than 107 multifamily properties since 2000.

City Capital Realty is recognized as a Fannie Mae DUS® program leader in product development and execution and has provided billions in capital to the multifamily housing industry since 1991.

Multifamily Housing
Multifamily Housing Financing

City Capital Realty has access to capital resources to fit multifamily housing properties of any magnitude. Our multifamily housing financing team will work with you to deliver a customized, comprehensive financing package that addresses every one of your property’s financial needs.

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